Bridget McCain, John McCain’s other daughter, adopted from Bangladesh, spoke out against President Trump’s tweets on Thursday with her own set of tweets.

Bridget is a private person and chooses not to make a public spectacle out of herself like Meghan, who cries at the drop of a hat when things hit close to home for her but who is also willing to dish target points of hate toward others.

Bridget tweeted these statements after a barrage of tweets against her father by President Trump.

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I appreciate Bridget’s first tweet, but she should have stopped there. This second tweet served only to fuel the fire under the fray. It almost sounds like Meghan was feeding her lines as the two tweets don’t even sound like it is from the same person.

Trump took it too far, but McCain was vindictive, arrogant [although this trait is not unusual for politicians], and spiteful. He was not a ‘good’ man in my opinion.

Even close to death, McCain’s ego remained strong. Do not invite a sitting President? What a childish move. His funeral was a political show that was fawned over by the media.

I guarantee that not one Democrat or one of these networks that lambasted McCain when he ran against Barack Obama supported him while he was a so-called Republican. They even made fun of him publicly, so this outrage is not in defense of McCain, but sadly a chance to build up anger toward Trump and go after him even more.

Bridget, I understand you have to protect your father, so I won’t even address that, but the second tweet keeps things going, and if that were your agenda, it will not end well.

I do have a legitimate question. Was the family feel so entitled, they felt the Senator deserved all that stoppage around the nation without thanking anyone? The entire thing lasted a little over a week, and he wasn’t even a president. Remember, the opposition media asks Trump questions, and he answers. Then they try to make a story out of his words before their deadline. At least he is honest instead of giving some flowery political answer.

Sometimes, I wish President Trump would not even run in 2020 because nobody should be targeted or have his family attacked in this fashion.

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