I believe someone hit the switch and told the networks to start bringing Stacey Abrams on a lot more and have the public learn who she is.

Why would a losing candidate from Georgia begin to have so much advice for what’s happening in the world? Abrams lost her 2018 fight for the Gubernatorial seat in Georgia, and she hasn’t completely conceded the loss. A couple of weeks ago she claimed 2020 is still on the table for her if she planned on running for the White House.

I can’t believe she’s thinking about that but to each his own.

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell took on the profile of the network by using race warfare when speaking about the differences between Beto O’Rourke, Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum. If you have read my articles, you would know by now Democrats love creating history wherever they can. They have done it with John F. Kennedy (youngest elected president), Jimmy Carter (1st Southerner elected to White House since the Civil War), Bill Clinton and Al Gore (First presidential ticket where the youth was served and won) and then you had Barack Obama (first mixed-race president).

“Why Beto O’Rourke and not Andrew Gillum, and not Stacey Abrams, as the darling of the media?” Mitchell asked.

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Abrams, instead of punting on the issue, took the bait and here is why her answer was idiotic. O’Rourke was running for Senate while Gillum and Abrams ran for Governor. A Senate race always gets national coverage over a state race; it’s always been like that.

Let me also remind Abrams how she and Gillum held the national spotlight the last couple of weeks before and after the election as the first possible black Governors elected if they had won, and their fight to not concede after the election was over. For Abrams to claim there was racism is idiotic.

“I don’t think that success is zero sum, so I don’t want to disparage or take away from the reaction and the legitimate response people had to his campaign, but I do want to call the question. There is no difference — there is no distinction with a difference between what he accomplished and what Andrew and I accomplished.

I would challenge people to consider why we were not lifted up in the same way.”

“I think race plays a part. I think region plays a part. I also think phenotype plays a part. My responsibility is to investigate running for president because I want people to understand I may not look like the typical candidate, but that does not diminish my responsibility to run for the job. That would be true for Andrew if he was interested.”

Abrams didn’t have to go there, but she did, and now she looks like a race-baiting candidate. Let me also add that O’Rourke has also jumped into the 2020 race for president. Why should anyone care what Abrams or Gillum has to say if they aren’t jumping in also?

MSNBC played the race game and Abrams fell for it.

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