Rep. Maxine Waters took to the stage on Monday, speaking to her minion and slamming Trump supporters who defend building a wall to slow down child traffickers, drug smugglers, and illegal aliens crossovers.

Honestly, anyone that supports this understands the pressure our border agents go through daily in their attempt to secure a deteriorating wall that sees illegals choosing to climb over or tunnel under the border.

Waters is just part of the face of modern-day Leftist Socialist and Marxists. She doesn’t support the Constitution, or Bill of Rights believes in open borders and allowing illegals to vote to influence US Election.

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They are happy co-conspirators in the breaking of the federal election and immigration laws, and they are married to anarchy. This is what doesn’t love our country and is not what patriotism represents.

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Waters is the definition of hate speech without a brain. Every time I hear her talk, she spews hate against everyone in various ways, calling for violence against others, or inciting some angry response among her minion.

In no way does she represent American values and she knows it.

The truth is, if a wall can protect Israel and China, a wall will also work along America’s borders. Anybody who fights against the building of the wall to protect southern American borders should be labeled a sympathizer of terrorism, illegal caravans immigrants, sexy traffickers, gang members, drug traffickers, killers, and an enemy of America and American citizens.


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