A new football league wanted former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to join, but he wanted $20 million or more.

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) CEO Charlie Ebersol talked with Kaepernick about joining his new football league, but the out of work activist wanted to be paid higher than any other player in the league.

It has just been revealed that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback demanded $20 million to join the Alliance of American Football (AAF). ESPN reported that AAF players only earn between $75,000 to $250,000 for a three-year contract.

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Conservatives have shown the National Football League they are not interested in a Kaepernick run team. He’s lower than a mediocre player who will cause football sales to decline when he suits up for the city.

Progressives and socialists have created a fake narrative that Kaepernick was blacklisted from the league because of racist reasons. Kaepernick found his activist religion after the 49ers benched him.

Kaepernick then began to take a knee during the National Anthem and claimed the reason why he started showing contempt for the American flag was because he was trying to bring awareness to black men being shot by law enforcement across America.

NOTE: When the football season was over, Kaepernick and no one that was part of his following held rallies or took knees while they were partying on Instagram or taking a vacation with the millions they made during the season.

Back to reality. An NFL team did not sign Kaepernick because he was a terrible quarterback for the 49ers, leading them to a losing record in 2016. In case you didn’t know, in addition to his proposed $20 million salary, as an AAL player, he would receive at “no cost”:

  • Equipment and game uniforms,
  • Lodging, transportation to and from away games, as well as game-day meals,
  • Workman’s compensation,
  • Two tickets to each game

There are 52 players on each team, eight teams. If every player gets the same 3 yr, 250K deal, that’s 104M combined. Kaepernick hasn’t played football in roughly three years and would want a salary that’s 1/5 of the entire pool? Kaep made his choice long ago and should live with the consequences.

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The Broncos tried to sign him after he left San Francisco. He wanted too much money then, and he made it clear he would only sign if he were the guaranteed starter. He has made his bed, and it only is partially dressed with his protests and media circus.

His salary demands have turned away any NFL offers. No team is going to guarantee a huge contract for perhaps an empty box and troublesome behavior. He doesn’t want to play football and will continue to attract attention as an activist.

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