CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported on the Northam blackface controversy story and I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked at what the network did. They labeled the Democratic Governor a Republican, on purpose. This was no accident as they have done this before or the leave off of the party affiliation altogether.

You gotta love the irony of far-left liberals and progressives whining and calling Pres. Trump and Republicans ‘fascists or ‘neo-fascists’ while routinely using lies and fascist tactics to harass judicial nominees, members of the Trump administration and other Republicans as well. Dems shut down free speech on campuses and other venues around the country, and don’t even get me started on the rioting, pillaging and burning buildings whenever someone somewhere doesn’t get their way. Double standards and hypocrisy at their finest!

CNN — the network that promotes the hashtag #FactsFirst — mislabeled embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam as a Republican on Friday during a segment about the Democrat’s apology for his racist 1984 medical school yearbook photo.

The photo showed two men holding beers — one dressed in blackface, the other in a KKK robe — but Northam never made clear which one was him.

The CNN chyron that mistakenly called Northman a Republican aired Friday during “Anderson Cooper 360,” the nightly show hosted by Anderson Cooper. The segment focused on a video in which Northam apologized for the nearly 35-year-old photograph.

Source: Fox News

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Nobody knows whether or not Northam had on the blackface or whether or not he was inside the Ku Klux Klan outfit, but many lawmakers are not happy with these optics and some have asked for the Governor to resign.

If Northam steps down, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, the second African American elected to statewide office in Virginia, becomes governor, serving out the rest of Northam’s term until 2021.” That’s why Democrats are calling for Northam’s resignation. This is just a ploy to install a more-radical Democrat—which is more racist than dressing up 30 or 40 years ago. Democrats are so pathological. You fool no one.

The chickens have come home to roost, and it is time for progressives to examine their knee-jerk reactions to every buried skeleton we find in their political rivals’ past, on the other side of the aisle. Maybe it is time to judge folks for what they have become, rather than the crap they did during their misguided youth. That would be a great idea, right?

Even Derrick Johnson, NAACP president tweeted: “Black face in any manner is always racist and never okay, No matter the party affiliation, we can not stand for such behavior, which is why the @NAACP is calling for the resignation of Virginia Governor @RalphNortham.”

The original picture first surfaced after being posted to Twitter by a right-wing blog.

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Democrats, members of the mainstream media, members of Hollywood and sports celebrities are now the official ‘Freak Show Party.’ They are exposing themselves for who they really are by demonstrating disrespect for people with whom they disagree, disrespect for our traditions and by using lies, harassment and intimidation tactics to achieve their goals.

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