Benjamin “Bi-Bi” Netanyahu is no longer Israel’s Foreign Minister!

I am sorry to hear this news as I am forever grateful to Foreign Minister Netanyahu for his leadership and protection of his people of Israel.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday handed over his role as foreign minister to intelligence minister Israel Katz, giving up the portfolio he has held since 2015.

Netanyahu’s decision to appoint Katz as acting foreign minister came after an advocacy group, the Movement for Quality Government, went to court to press the prime minister to stop serving as foreign minister as well.

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Government officials said Katz, who will remain intelligence minister and also serves as transport minister, will hold the foreign affairs portfolio through the upcoming parliamentary election on April 9. Katz is a member of Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party,

In addition to the premiership, Netanyahu still holds the defense portfolio, which he assumed after his former far-right coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman quit that post in November. Netanyahu is also health minister.

Excerpt via Reuters

One thing is for sure; if Israel laid down its weapons, its neighbors would storm in and slaughter every last Israeli. Conversely, if the neighboring Arab states laid down their weapons, there would be widespread peace. That and that alone makes Israelis decent and honorable people and its neighbors are nothing more than walking colostomy bags.

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The Netanyahu family is one of the most prominent and accomplished families in Israel. Benjamin’s brother, Jonathan led the raid on Entebbe airport that freed the Israeli hostages. He was the only commando killed on the mission. Benjamin is very intelligent and is also a man of infinite good humor, who makes friends easily and keeps friends forever.

Thank you for all the work you have done for the betterment of Israel and the world, Mr. Netanyahu. God bless Israel forever.

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