On Tuesday, she decided to hit back at those who have been mocking her celebrating Amazon pulling out of the deal to bring their business to New York.

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Last year, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was counting nickels and dimes from her tip jar. Believing she is an economist, she recently attempted to school big tech companies, and here she does considerable damage to her home district and surrounding community through this Amazon fallout.

She recently compared the border wall to the Berlin Wall, showing her lack of education in basic history. Makes me wonder if she cheated her way through Boston University.

Socialists do NOT want large private enterprise companies. Socialists want to control the jobs, transportation, communications, utilities, food supplies, etc. Socialists want to call the shots as in who can plant what crop when and how much the state will pay.

Socialists want to control the energy for the same reason. Communism is like Socialism on steroids because in Communist rule the state owns the stores, the buildings, everything but personal possessions.

Cortez is obviously ill-educated, and that is putting it politely.

AOC then retweeted an article from the Business Insider that reported on real estate prices being dramatically affected due to the Amazon deal.

Apparently, AOC is unfamiliar with how capital works per property investment. Amazon was going to use those grants to supplement the preparation of the property in Long Island City’s development. A development that would’ve led to higher paying jobs for those that live there to help ease the rent affordability issue that currently exists there because there are so few opportunities for gainful employment.

This is just the appetizer from your socialist Progressives. If they gain power, you will lose twenty-five million jobs instead of twenty-five thousand.

Some qualification and knowledge/ skills test should be made mandatory before any individual can serve in the U.S. government in an elected position. That would eliminate another travesty like AOC and others in Congress from ever ascending to political power. Drug testing for illegal drugs, alcohol, and mental psychotropic drugs should be mandatory pre-election and ongoing during tenure.

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