Barr is a friend of Robert Mueller that doesn’t subscribe to the “lock her up” stuff.

I couldn’t the questions today of Barr because I didn’t trust him when I heard that he was part of George H. W. Bush. I am sure he’s surprised he was even nominated as he’s probably had some preconceived perceptions of Pres. Trump.

Every Democrat is 100 percent on a mission to destroy Trump anyway they possibly can, and Barr doesn’t seem to be too far behind them. Witch hunt? WHAT witch hunt? Mueller’s a great guy and personal friend – and we need another couple of years to allow him to wrap up this very serious investigation properly (no – he didn’t say “years,” but he’s obviously in no rush).

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This had better be a classic case of bait and switch, or I’m really going to have to wonder why on earth, after making the colossal mistake of putting Jeff Sessions in the AG’s seat, Trump would turn around and make another colossal mistake and put this guy in there – because he certainly doesn’t seem to be playing for Team Truth.

Blumenthal quizzed Barr about statements he has made concerning Hillary Clinton, namely that both the debunked Uranium One “scandal” and the Clinton Foundation should be investigated.

Barr clarified that he did not mean the Clinton Foundation should be investigated criminally, but as a tax matter.

He also said that he agreed with former Attorney General Mike Mukasey that putting political opponents in jail would be the behavior of a “banana republic.”

“That’s why I said… I don’t subscribe to this ‘lock her up’ stuff,” Barr told Blumenthal.

Source: Mediaite

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It’s obvious Pres. Trump never dreamed of the depth of evil he would face. He is used to working with ambitious but decent people, but D.C. is completely depraved. It would be difficult to find more than a handful of politicos who are not self-serving cutthroat liars — total phonies.

No executive branch employee has any legitimate excuse for refusing to comply with a presidential directive unless that directive is unconstitutional. Ethics, regardless of whether personal or professional, does not meet that threshold. If you refuse a directive from POTUS without qualms about its constitutionality, you should expect to be fired.

Trump doesn’t have two years to find out if Barr is a keeper. Barr’s appointment will have to stand until the 2020 election. That’s why his nomination is crucial, and I have no real confidence that he will stand behind the President. And if he does not, it’s going to be touch and go for Trump to be re-elected.

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