Anyone remember how the Democrats allowed Socialist Bernie Sanders to run on the Democratic platform. Everything was peachy until he started shifting them so far to the right they almost fell off the cliff. Democrats did that.

Now, they’ve invited Ilhan Omar from Minnesota into their ranks and she is not only radical, but she’s also super hyped up on changing a few things. The House of Representative rules has already been changed to accommodate her.

Omar defended men in her state who chose to join the Islamic State terror group.

“The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion,” she wrote at the time. “We must alter our attitude and approach; if we truly want to effect change, we should refocus our efforts on inclusion and rehabilitation.”

The nine Minnesota men were facing decades in prison after being accused in 2015 of making plans, including buying fake passports, in an effort to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS, which was at its peak level of activity and held territory in Syria and Iraq.

“Incarcerating 20-year-old men for 30 or 40 years is essentially a life sentence. Society will have no expectations of the to-be 50- or 60-year-old released prisoners; it will view them with distrust and revulsion,” read Omar’s letter to the judge, as obtained by FOX 9 of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

“Such punitive measures not only lack efficacy, they inevitably create an environment in which extremism can flourish, aligning with the presupposition of terrorist recruitment,” she added.

Source: Fox News

I cannot believe she even suggested this. Rep Omar is way off base. Is she an ISIS sympathizer? Is she worried that punishment might increase recruitment. People who are radical Islamist are going to join regardless of this or anything else. ISIS intends to kill, don’t get it twisted. Removing them from being able to do that with longer sentences is a good thing. As we are learning, Omar is as radical as it gets.

Anyone that attempts to join and fight for a terrorist organization should, in my opinion, have their American Citizenship revoked and be put to death. When you see a rabid dog, you don’t try to cure it; you put it down. It needs to be the same with anyone that wants to fight for a terrorist organization.

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Where is her speech about ISIS being more compassionate, inclusive and understanding? She’s an apologist for terrorists, or a very naive person, perhaps both. How did the people of Minnesota elect her? Another elitist who has been given a soapbox by the media with little or no understanding of her own insensitivity on the many comments she has had to walk back. Look up her track record. Real impressive Minnesota! Good job! She represents who?

Minnesota deserves what they get for electing her. Elections have consequences, and the same for New York, California and many other places. If you don’t want high taxes, out of control social programs, refugees and illegal immigrants there, don’t elect representatives who support these policies.

If there is no hope to vote them out, move if you can.

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