Sen. Krysten Sinema from Arizona doesn’t want to be known for her lawmaking skills; it seems her deal will be to shock the swamp with what she is wearing and allow social media to raise her popularity as conservatives did to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with their negative attacks 24/7.

I am not the fashion police nor am I one to tell a woman lawmaker what she can wear on the hallowed floor of the United States Senate, however, Sinema is deliberately showboating her contempt for decorum, tradition and simple good manners. She is a self-absorbed freshman lawmaker like Representatives Ilhan Oma, Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib. I pray neither one of them has any influence on the safety and direction of the citizens of the United States of America!

The question is “What is wrong with Arizona voters,” that they keep electing such horrible candidates on the Republican ballot. We need to reach smarter voters or watch those who love to like bus windows take over this country.

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She’s speaking in a chamber the existence of which has been purchased and then occasionally redeemed with the blood of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of American citizens in various wars and then “police actions.” At least dress the part to show respect for this awesome price that has been paid – and continues to be paid.

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The opposition media is a big part of all this, don’t forget that. Americans are being denied real news, and I think it is a huge mistake to have all their eggs in the social media basket. I wish Pres. Trump would bring the pain and let slip the dogs of war against the media, Democrats and off-base Republicans. Sunlight is the best sanitizer.

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