When Republicans learned of Sen. Kamala Harris, it was almost like a magical appearance in the Senate as she was interrupting a witness, trying to show her strength as a tough Democratic investigator. When conservatives started looking into her background, they saw she was known to have had an affair with former San Franciso Mayor Willie Brown, while he was married. Brown appointed Harris to two state commissions afterward.

Harris has been attacking Pres. Trump with reckless abandon along with his administration. But she can’t outrun the label of “homewrecker.” Brown was alleged to have been in a separation with his wife at the time of the affair, but then again, that is an allegation.

Back in 2003, The San Francisco Weekly had an op-ed regarding Harris and her affair with Brown and how it could hurt her chances for moving up politically:

If she can just get out from under this damn Willie Brown thing.

Harris routinely tries to distance herself from her ex-squeeze, whom she hates even talking about. The mere mention of their former liaison makes her shoulders tense, her hands clench, and her eyes narrow.

“I refuse,” she says vehemently, “to design my campaign around criticizing Willie Brown for the sake of appearing to be independent when I have no doubt that I am independent of him — and that he would probably right now express some fright about the fact that he cannot control me.

“His career is over; I will be alive and kicking for the next 40 years. I do not owe him a thing.”

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She acknowledges that Brown is an “albatross hanging around my neck” and fears that voters who dislike him will ignore her candidacy — even as she dismisses such an act as irrational. “Would it make sense if you are a Martian coming to Earth that the litmus test for public office is where a candidate is in their relationship to Willie Brown?” Harris asks. “Willie Brown is not going to be around. He’s gone — hello people, move on. If there is corruption, it will be prosecuted. It’s a no-brainer, but let’s please move on.”

Would that politics were so simple.

San Francisco voters tend to have long memories, and Brown himself is complicating Harris’ attempts to shed him politically. He personally gave $500 to her campaign, and a political consultant who worked on both of his mayoral runs is raising money for Harris — without her consent — using a pitch letter signed by Brown. Harris denies asking the mayor for fund-raising help and knows it gives her antagonists even more ammunition.

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She also knows there’s not much she can do about it, except to keep saying that the affair is ancient history and that she is a good candidate with good ideas. But as Harris well understands, the more she tries to explain away the Willie factor, the bigger a factor he becomes.

Source: San Francisco Weekly

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The truth is Harris slept her way to the top of the political heap, and now that she’s on the top, everyone is supposed to ignore how she got there. You must be out your mind.

Democrats try to slam Pres. Trump for discretions before he got elected so why now go after Harris? Don’t give me the woman excuse either. Progressive women today claim they want to be treated like a man so there you have it.

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