If he’s old enough to fight against our country’s enemies and to vote in our country’s elections.

This allegation has always been strange to me. It’s the “former anchor” mom claiming it. Where’s her adult son? Why is her 18-year-old son alone with Kevin Spacey? Why are they serving an 18-year-old? I am not defending the guy but isn’t someone 18 considered to be an adult and no longer a child?

Kevin Spacey has been charged with groping the 18-year-old son of a Boston TV anchor in 2016 — the first criminal case brought against the Oscar-winning actor since his career collapsed amid a string of sexual misconduct allegations over a year ago.

Spacey, 59, is due in court Jan. 7 on the resort island of Nantucket to be arraigned on a charge of indecent assault and battery, Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe said in a statement Monday. Spacey could get up to five years in prison if convicted.

A criminal complaint was issued by a clerk magistrate at a hearing Thursday, O’Keefe said.

Former news anchor Heather Unruh came forward in November 2017 to say the actor stuck his hand down the pants of her son, who was 18 at the time, and grabbed his genitals at the Club Car Restaurant on Nantucket in July 2016. Her son fled the restaurant when Spacey went to use the bathroom, Unruh said at the time.

Unruh said her son didn’t report the assault right away because he was embarrassed.

Source: Associated Press

If you weren’t raped/assaulted enough to call the police, then I reserve the right to believe that you weren’t raped/assaulted at all.

Young Mr. Unruh, being 18, was an adult. He is thus 100% responsible for his willing decision to engage in underage drinking despite knowing full well that it would impair his judgment and lead him into making other choices that he was likely to regret when sober.

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A gay man has the right to make a pass — even an aggressive pass — at an adult whose behavior of hanging on him and drinking in a way that could suggest the intent to drown his inhibitions indicated potential interest.

If Mr. Unruh did give Mr. Spacey a clear, straightforward, “No!, Get your hands off me!” and Mr. Spacey continued his groping then there is a problem. But Mr. Unruh’s reported actions don’t come across as a clear “No!” because despite being in a public place he did not cry out for help, he never slapped Mr. Spacey, and, most of all, he didn’t dial 911 and reported a sexual assault at the moment he got clear of the alleged criminal.

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