Call me old-fashioned, but these two idiots are off their rocker. Joseph and Mary were nowhere near illegal when they journeyed back to their home city on that great evening. Jesus, wasn’t born in another country, he was born in his parent’s hometown so where do these crazed lunatics get off changing the story to fit their narrative?

The birth of Jesus shouldn’t have anything to do with immigration and customs enforcement.

This Christmas instead of being tucked away in a manger, one nativity scene in Central Austin shows baby Jesus behind bars in an ice detainment cage.

The couple handcrafted the display in front of their home on 51st Street.

“We are making a statement because during this holiday season no matter what country you live in no matter what your ethnicity is you should be with your family at this time and unfortunately our country in recent history has decided to separate families,” Kate Naranjo said.

A controversial image reflecting unaccompanied minors who were and are currently being held in detainment facilities. Meanwhile, thousands of migrants wait along the border in makeshift camps seeking asylum. A parchment attached to the display reads, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Source: Fox 7

Once again, this lady has been watching too much CNN and MSNBC. Joseph and Mary left home because King Herrod decreed that all first-born must be killed as he got a tip that a new king was going to be born. When Herrod died, Mary and Joseph returned home and had Jesus. Illegals aren’t doing that today. They aren’t going home to have their babies, they are trying to have them in the United States to give them citizenship, and that’s not what the Bible said.

Such ignorance.

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