As you remember, Comey fought against this private Q&A hoping that he could have this done before the American people. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte refused, and the Republicans won.

Comey, a self-righteous fool never should have been a government prosecutor much less the FBI director for heaven’s sake. The man is corrupt, and he’s quite manipulative, isn’t he? Just another corrupt and manipulative former senior federal employee who’s made millions from government contracts.

Here is the transcript that didn’t give the committee anything.


We know that Comey wasn’t going to say much so let me break it down.

The proof the FISA warrants were fraudulent is the simple fact that the FBI claimed Carter Page was an actual Russian spy so they could get the most intrusive warrant available to Law Enforcement. So they had all this solid proof Carter Page was a Russian spy to present to the judge, but they have never charged Page with so much as failing to return a library book late. They didn’t seem to develop additional leads about Page spying or even actually surveilling him in any way; they just spied on members of a campaign he was no longer associated with.

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Then the special counsel that was so keen on charging everyone they could with process crimes and setting perjury traps to achieve this, yet even they never even charged Page with a parking ticket. If he was the key to the start of the investigation of Trump’s campaign, then why wouldn’t they do their perjury trap on him to get him to flip?

Well, they couldn’t do this because they know that the FISA warrant against Page was a fraud and couldn’t have it exposed to any actual examination which would happen if he was ever charged. Funny how after the warrant was granted, not a single tendril of this investigation ever mentions Carter Page again, not a single mention.

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