Who’s DNA did she use? Never trust a Socialist, but I will play along.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is said to have taken a DNA test, and the results show she had a Native American ancestor in her family dating back six to 10 generations.

Translation from MSM speak. If you go back 300 years (30 years per generation x 10 generations) you can find evidence of American Indian ancestry. That same level of proof would likely be found in about 90 percent of the planet’s inhabitants.

If it’s back 6-10 generations, it’s way less than one percent. This is the equivalent to a pimple on a whale’s butt.

Source: Boston25News.com

Senator Elizabeth Warren has released an analysis of her DNA showing that she has Native American blood.

An analysis of Warren’s DNA sample showed she had a Native American ancestor in her family dating back six to 10 generations. The release of the analysis comes after President Trump has mocked her repeatedly for her claim that she has Native American blood and called her “Pocahontas.” Critics have charged that Warren has advanced her career with a narrative she is a descendant of Cherokee and Delaware tribes.

A report released Monday says that the majority of Warren’s ancestry is European but there is strong evidence to suggest that she has a Native American ancestor. A Stanford professor, Carlos D. Bustamante, who was awarded a MacArthur genius grant for his work tracking population migration via DNA, performed the analysis of the DNA, according to Warren’s office.

The report notes with 99 percent confidence that five genetic segments on DNA were identified as “Native American in origin.”

Warren’s office also released a video to YouTube, “Elizabeth Warren’s family story,” which directly addresses the attacks on her heritage by the President and includes interviews with her family. A “Fact Squad” website with links to the DNA report and supporting documents was also launched.

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The exact percentage would depend on the number of Native American ancestors contributed to the DNA pool. That said, I had Ancestry.com do my DNA check. The relatively small pool of people from whom they or anyone else can derive a current estimate of the percentages and an undergraduate knowledge of statistics can easily be used to demonstrate that nearly any answer is possible.

It’s like asking a lawyer for a correct answer to a math problem. The reply is likely to be “What do you want 2+2 to equal?”

One ancestor six (6) generations back would be ~1.5 percent. One ancestor ten generations back are about 0.1 percent.

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Sorry, Elizabeth Warren, nobody can trust Democrats. They just have too many lies, frauds and hoaxes. We need a neutral party to take the sample and test it to believe.

This is a pitiful attempt to justify taking the place of a minority in college.

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