In June, this website was ranked No. 53 out of 100 top conservative sites, and now, it’s jumped up to No. 50. To be ranked with all of these conservative sites on a regular basis and even move up means a lot to me towards legitimacy. I work hard every day trying to find stories that you would be interested in to share and comment on.

Last year this time, this website had over two million page views, then the Facebook algorithm kicked in and between November 2017 and May 2018, we couldn’t get over 300,000. I have had to kick in and dig deep but it seems to be paying off.

Here is the 2nd part of the list:

We’ve been working hard since 2012, trying to give another side of the news, away from the liberal fog. We have been labeled biased, by other organizations, because we forcefully respond to liberal fake news stories, but one thing we are not known for and that is “repeatable” fake stories.

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Source: The New Revere

The “Top 100” rankings were calculated by looking at Alexa rankings for roughly 160 conservative websites (U.S. ranks only). Global rankings were excluded because the point of the site is to look at popular U.S. conservative sites; foreign data would skew the results. Data is calculated by Alexa over 30-day periods.

It’s important to note NRDP’s rankings do not indicate an ideological agreement with a listed site. There are multiple websites on this ranking list the team at NRDP would not publish with due to ideological concerns.

Compared to New Revere’s most recent rankings, taken in June 2018, the biggest movers in the top 50 are LifeZette, up 14 spots to 15th overall, and CNS News, up nine spots, to 36th overall.

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One of the reasons why I mentioned “repeatable” fake news stories is because NewsGuard, a new organization draped in liberal-leaning employees analyzed my website and gave it this rating. This website has produced over 21,000 articles since 2012 and NewsGuard tried to put me in a column of fake news after they found three items they didn’t agree with.

One of those articles had to do with Sandy Hook which I wrote an opinion on a few of the people I had seen at other major fatal shootings. I corrected it when I saw the original article had been removed. I wrote two opinion stories on articles from and annotated that I relied on their reporting (as they claimed the “exclusive.” Another article came from the Daily Wire about two liberals who were killed by ISIS trying to prove a point about evil.

Please note, the Daily Wire was given a “green shield” of safety, but NewsGuard gave me a red warning. I do not “repeatedly” produce fake news stories, and I told them as much. What I have noticed about Newsguard is they are giving top websites with huge amounts of following including CNN and MSNBC the green shield of excellence, but for smaller conservative sites, they target to take down.

We will continue to fight and produce stories holding both sides accountable, and I hope you make this one of your daily websites to check out on a regular basis.

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