Carla Maloney might be angry at the situation of National Anthem kneelers, and it’s her first amendment right to say whatever she wants, but it comes with consequences. She is a public official and her words matter, especially within her community.

How can you lead your constituents when you publicly denigrate the people following you. You should be trying to find ways to speak on the subject to bring people to your side in a more educated and informative way. This was pure stupidity, no doubt, out of frustration.

Her excuse doesn’t make a bit of sense either. She claimed because of a “family dispute,” she posted her remarks. Why didn’t she go to her family member and say these things? Why post them at all? There is something else to this story that isn’t being told.

Source: Washington Examiner

The Beaver County Republican Committee accepted Carla Maloney’s resignation as secretary and an elected member on Friday, according to a post on its website. The Facebook comments, which include a complaint about “reverse racism,” according to the Beaver County (Pa.) Times, have drawn heightened attention as midterm elections draw closer and a new professional football season begins amid White House criticism of players kneeling to protest police brutality against black people.

“The views expressed in her posts are abhorrent and have no place in reasonable public discourse,” the committee said. “We denounce these comments in the strongest terms possible.”

Beaver County Committee Chairman Chip Kohser told the Times that Maloney may have made the comments after the Pittsburgh Steelers remained in their locker room while the anthem was performed before a September 2017 game in Chicago.

“Tired of these over paid ignorant blacks telling me what I should believe in. I will tell you what I believe in and that is our Flag the National Anthem and America period end of story,” she wrote in excerpts of the Facebook posts published by the news organization. “Let’s see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries.”

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She has apologized:

“My posts and comments were disrespectful not only to the people that I love, but families across the country,” she wrote. “I know I am a better person than this and, as I step away from these public positions, I will work to show everyone who I truly am. From the bottom of my heart, I again apologize for my remarks, my poor taste and the problems they have caused.”

I do not accept the apology because she knew what she was doing and if I use that tact with MSNBC and CNN, then I am going to use it with her. These individuals know damn well they are on the record because of their positions and I don’t care how mad you get, you’re supposed to show restraint. If you can’t, remove yourself from your post and platform.

I am glad she resigned. We do not need leaders like this making stupid mistakes and hurting others.

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