Abby is a moderate’s moderate in the Republican party. If she sneezed she would be a Democrat, that’s how far she and her family that includes Russian Ambassador Jon Huntsman play the game. One of the reasons why her father did not win the Republican nomination back into 2012 is because he was to moderate for Republicans.

Huntsman jumped on President Trump’s response to the Puerto Rico hurricane last year when he called how he handled the crisis as successful. Over the last few weeks, the total amount that has died as a result of the Hurricane ballooned to 3,000 due to a new assessment of excess deaths in the roughly six months after the storm.

Sunny Hostin said Trump and his government allowed people to die. How crazy are these women?

President Trump was going by the initial numbers he was given, so the media and their new numbers are being disingenuous at best. Have they asked the Commander-in-chief how he feels regarding the new numbers? Not the women on The View who are going after Trump like screaming banshees.

Source: Mediaite

With Hurricane Florence approaching the southeastern U.S., Trump has been touting his administration’s emergency preparedness — saying he handled the situation in Puerto Rico fantastically despite the critics. This comes after recent reports found that nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans died as a result of last year’s storm.

Abby Hunstman panned Trump’s remarks on Wednesday, saying they were “indefensible,” “out of touch” and resemblant of the George W. Bush administration’s approach to Hurricane Katrina.

Hostin took the baton from there. And the co-host — whose family was directly impacted by the hurricane — absolutely shredded Trump while invoking the reports that the administration took $10 million away from FEMA and gave it to ICE.

“It’s humiliating, it’s embarrassing for our country, and I don’t think this president cares,” Hostin said. “If you’re in Florence’s path and considering riding it out, your president just said that a hurricane response where 3,000 die is his measure of success. Get out of there.”

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One thing is for sure, Abby is in her element when it comes to sticking it to Republicans on progressive networks, that’s for sure.

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