Close to 3oo Pennsylvania Priests are being charged with one of the worst pedophile, child sexual assault cover-ups in American history. I want to know how are the children and who is taking care of their mental state because that’s very important!

These type of actions is why our society is screwed up today. Adults have preyed on children for years and years resulting in damaged adults never coming to grips with what happened to them during their childhood. Can you imagine those same adults holding in those embarrassing childhood moments like that, hurting anyone and everyone that might want to get closer to them either romantically or spiritually, never being able to cope with that tragedy?

Children are not supposed to be victims of man. They are supposed to be our future. They are supposed to pick up and lead where we left off. They are supposed to fix what we broke and made it better for their children. That’s how it should be, and these punk asses are stealing that away from them. They should all die and I know that’s a strong sentence but that’s how I feel.

Source: Fox News

Those dioceses included Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton. Upwards of 300 “predator priests” stand accused of the decades-long abuse, the report said.

“The cover-up was sophisticated. And all the while, shockingly, church leadership kept records of the abuse and the cover-up,” Shapiro said at a news conference. “These documents, from the dioceses’ own ‘Secret Archives,’ formed the backbone of this investigation.”

It’s possible that the “real number” of abused children could be “in the thousands” due to missing records or other victims who feared speaking about the allegations, according to the grand jury’s report.

In order to prevent the Catholic Church from suffering bad publicity or financial liability, the panel claimed that a series of bishops and other diocesan leaders attempted to hide the alleged abuse.

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They should be subject to the same punishment given to anyone else who preys on innocents. Lock them up and let the inmates take care of them. Same goes for anyone guilty of covering up the abuse. Enough special treatment!

A handful of studies compiled by the Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, some more than a decade old, suggest that up to 15 percent of clergy members in all religious groups have engaged in some inappropriate conduct, whether a stolen kiss or full-fledged sexual abuse.

But few accurate statistics are available on the number and type of complaints, and what information churches collect is usually kept secret. Believe it or not, this happens in every religion. They need to stop hiding this. There are articles on Lutheran, Episcopal, and Jewish where they have paid out thousands.

There are so many reasons why these stories are not being told, but one thing is sure, we need to instruct our children it’s ok to tell if someone touches them without their permission.

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