Clapper continues to change his tune with every appearance on CNN and radio interviews. Today, on CNN’s New Day, he claims Republicans didn’t want to participate in a bipartisan message about Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election. It’s 2018 and Clapper has decided to use this as a way to get out of trouble? Is he serious?

Clapper said Barack Obama was frustrated with the Republicans because they wouldn’t jump on board with this push to warn the American people without some proof. If Obama knew this was real, why would he need bipartisan support? His job would have been to tell the American people. That never stopped him before so why then?

Ben Rhodes, one of Obama’s advisors, has a memoir due out soon detailing this particular incident to give the administration cover, no doubt, for not doing their jobs.

Source: Times

Mr. Obama had authorized a statement to be issued by intelligence agency leaders a month before the election warning of Russian interference, but was thwarted from doing more because Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, refused to go along with a bipartisan statement.

Mr. Rhodes called Mr. McConnell’s refusal “staggeringly partisan and unpatriotic.” But Mr. Obama, whose Supreme Court nomination had been blocked by Mr. McConnell for months, seemed less surprised.

“What else did you expect from McConnell?” he asked. “He won’t even give us a hearing on Merrick Garland.”

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Rhodes and Clapper are laying the blame at the feet of Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. Oh wait, wasn’t Clapper was in collusion with CNN? Wasn’t he supposed to have leaked documents and information, and now he’s got his quid pro quo working for them. This is corruption.

The truth is people like Clapper, James Brennen, Obama and Loretta Lynch didn’t do their jobs and if we’re supposed to believe Russians did have a hand in the election, they should accept responsibility.

Always accuse your opponents of what you’re actually doing. -S. Alinsky

I want the Inspector General report to come out and burn all of these criminals. They belong in jail with no possibility of parole. I hope you all see it my way because I am fed up and frustrated with the snail justice of Washington DC. They are feckless in doing the work of the American people, and more voters need to say so.

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