Badasch, the Deputy Executive Secretary For the National Security Council is out. She resigned. She is running to the nearest exit.

As you know Ambassador John Bolton is settling into his new job and he’s cleaning house and replacing the old with the new but Badasch who had been called out as a leaker of national security secrets last year decided she needed to roll out very quickly.

McCabe broke down the Badasch backstory in the video below, and if you are like many other Trump supporters who want justice, real justice to flow through the halls of the capitol, then you want Badasch to serve some jail time.

McCabe reports how Badasch is alleged to have leaked the phone call between Trump and the President of Taiwan, the very one that had the media all bent out of shape because our Commander-in-chief made that decision.

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McCabe also reported how Badasch was also allegedly responsible for leaking a phone call between Trump and the Prime Minister of Australia where an agreement had been made to settle some refugees here in the United States.

And lastly, the leaked call to Vladimir Putin to congratulate him for winning his Presidential election is being added to her list of crimes.

Back in 2017, Mike Cernovich was already on top of the story:

Badasch was most likely going to get the boot from Bolton, but hopefully, he prosecutes her for the leaks after she’s found to have done so.

We’ve been talking about prosecuting these leaks since last year, and if this is true and she was responsible, I feel no pity with placing her in matching ankle and wrist bracelets for a maximum of 20 years.

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