I hope every illegal in the country moves to LA and overwhelms that city. What could go wrong?

Hundreds of people turned out for a community meeting a few days ago to blast the Federal System of deporting illegals which is prompted Governor Jerry Brown to defy President Trump in a bad way.

Many common sense people look at the way California is run and have no problem wishing them bad things in the future. The leaders of that state are the problem. Liberals have run that entire huge state into the ground, allowing drugs to tear neighborhoods up from the ground up.

This decision to defy federal law is nothing to look past and should be scrutinized by everyone. This makes California more dangerous than it is right now.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is making several changes to its custody procedures starting today.

The new custody operations are in response to the passage of SB54, otherwise known as the “sanctuary state” bill that goes into effect Jan. 1.

Going forward OCSD deputies will not screen inmates for immigration status and will not alert U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement of undocumented offenders.

“Sheriff Hutchens strongly opposed the legislation, but now has the legal obligation to abide by the provisions of the law,” the OCSD said in a statement.

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As an American citizen, I am bound by the laws of this country. If I break them I get punished and could even end up in jail.

Now illegals break the law the moment they cross over here illegally. Yet they are afforded the same rights as an American citizen and that burns me up. They are given free medical care, welfare and free housing. Another thing that gets me is that liberal voters don’t believe illegals get that free housing from the state governments. I don’t get it.

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Where in the constitution does it say reward people and be afforded the same rights when you break the law. Is not law enforcement sworn to uphold the laws?

I hope California loses federal funding for everything.

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