This sounds like something on a government level and straight out of the Hollywood films. Someone wanted something, and they figured they would send a message with this action. On Christmas Eve, Julian Assange’s Twitter account was taken down without notice.

We’re a little late reporting this as it happened on December 20th. Baltasar Garzón, a member of Assange’s legal defense team, had his office broken into. Officials are still trying to determine if files were taken, but one thing is certain, no money was removed.

Source: True Pundit

As if it were an impossible mission, at least three people dressed in black and hooded entered the early hours of this Monday in the offices of the office of the former judge of the National Court Baltasar Garzón, located on Avenida Menéndez Pelayo 87 in Madrid. The alleged thieves, “very professional,” according to police sources, blinded the security cameras with tape. Apparently they have not taken money, because there was not, according to police sources. But it does seem that they have trastadoado between documents, although it has not yet been determined what is missing.

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The investigation is being carried out by the scientific police as if it were “an attempted robbery,” they added. They are waiting for technicians to check if copies of files have been made from the computers.

Since he was removed from the judiciary, after being sentenced to 11 years of disqualification for ordering recordings – allegedly illegal at that time – between defendants of the Gürtel plot and his lawyers, Baltasar Garzón has directed, among other things, the legal defense of the founder Wikileaks, Julian Assange.

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So many conservative conspiracy websites are going to try to lead you down the wrong road and report the gloomiest stories, but The Wikileaks Task Force put that to bed.

This attack was most likely a CIA covert operation because Wikileaks proves to Americans how corrupt our alphabet agencies really are (FBI, DOJ, CIA, and NSA). Those American agencies can never again be trusted because they are full of deep state career criminals.

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Julian is always ten steps ahead of them anyway, so there is no way important information would be kept at the office of Garzon. They would be better off putting their energy into something a little more uplifting for humanity, wiping some of their karma from their already overflowing plate of putrid acts.

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