A former student of Spacey spoke on the record to Vulture magazine about his relationship with the actor from the 80s. He decided to bring his story into the light after Anthony Rapp broke the story about Spacey trying to join him in bed at Spacey’s home when he was 14 years old.

The young man is now older and a lot more free to tell this story and believe me, you are going to be angry that Spacey isn’t in jail right now for this account. (Related Article – Spacey Accused Of Grabbing Man’s Crotch In Bar; Saying “This Designates Ownership”)

This story started in the 80s when Spacey was 24 years old, and the student was 14. They began a consensual relationship where the teen met him at a teaching class and then at a Shakespeare in the Park festival where they talked privately.

Yeah, and we’re talking. He was kind of in high seduction mode and gave me his phone number and asked me to call him. He said, “I want to see you, and I want you to come to my apartment.” He said he’d always been really drawn to me at the acting classes, but had stayed away because I was 12. So I’m like [laughs] … now that I was 14. That was probably a 15-minute walk, and then I went back to be with my parents.

The young student was already in another homosexual relationship with a family member, ten years his senior when he decided to become intimate with Spacey. The teen claims Spacey allowed him to penetrate him during their first visit and beyond.

I called him on the phone the next day, and he told me how he was in love with me and wanted to see me. I went and saw him at an apartment he was renting on the Upper West Side. He had a black Labrador named Snake. He might’ve been walking that dog in Central Park when we bumped into him that night. We started a sexual relationship that first visit, which mostly involved me fucking him.

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The teen claimed to have met up with Spacey many times after that but remembered one time during his last visit when the elder actor wanted to switch roles, and he said no. Spacey tried to force the sexual act in his favor, but the young kid was strong enough to repel Spacey’s attempt.

He did not say. He just did. I guess he must have come up behind me and yanked down my baggy jeans, and he goes to fuck me and I’m like, “No, I don’t want to.” And he pushes hard, and grabs me, and starts shoving up against my asshole, and it hurts like a motherfucker. I again tell him no, and he tries again. I am strong enough, thank God, both somewhere in my brain and in my body, to get him off of me. I’m sturdy, thankfully. I throw him off of me and I run crying down the stairs and out into the street and then suck it all up and go have dinner.

The student told his friends and a psychiatrist about the incident, and they corroborated his account. This former teen, now an adult claims Spacey is a “sexual predator,” and a “pedophile.” He also blasted Spacey for using his homosexuality to mask his crime.

He is a pedophile. When you look at his statement, you realize also he’s profoundly narcissistic. He thinks this is about being caught that he’s gay. And then he is spinning it, right? “Oh, people like gays now. So I’ll throw them that. I’ll say I’m gay and I will betray my whole community and do something else that conflates pedophilia with male homosexuality.” That’s great. Thank you for that. And that was probably the thing that made me want to talk more than anything else. How repulsive that was.

Spacey was asked for a response to all of this, and his lawyer said in an email, “Mr. Spacey absolutely denies the allegations.”

A 20-something stage actor who serially targets children for sex has a deep and dangerous problem. I can’t believe no one knew about this. It was ignored because of Spacey’s potential as an actor. Those who know but invested in Spacey’s talent to make money anyway should be ashamed. In some ways, they are worse then Spacey himself. At least Spacey can claim to have a pathological disease. His greedy benefactors cannot.

Do you believe this account by the former teen? If so, what do you think should be done about Spacey? Do you think one week in rehabilitation will suffice? SHARE your comments below and add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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