Former Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff Mack McLarty went on MSNBC and challenged the fake news journalists about the direction-less political party he is part of.

I believe their obsession with Trump has become the beginning of the end for their party. There is an enormous silent majority that just sits and waits and shows up at election time, and I do not believe they support the negative democratic party.

“I want to hit on some poll numbers as it relates to Democrats, now out from [this poll]. 37% of people polled by ABC News and the Washington Post says the Democrats ‘Stand for something,’ only 37%,” said MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson. “More than half say the Democratic party’s only message is standing against Donald Trump. Is that winning messaging for Democrats?” she asked the top Clinton aide.

“Unlikely. Unlikely,” he said. “They’ve got to do more than just be against Trump. That won’t do it, and it shouldn’t do it. The American people deserve better.”

One thing we know for sure, Democrats stand for nothing besides race-baiting and identity politics. They’d rather America crash and burn than for Trump to succeed.

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The Democrats, George Soros, liberal talk shows, Hollywood liberals, RINOs and mainstream media are the enemies of the people. The mainstream media gets angry when we lump them into the “enemy against the American people category,” but they hide the truth or makes up stories on a constant basis.

Soros is funding Black Lives Matter, anti-Trump riots, and other subversive activities and he continues to get away with it. He should be arrested and imprisoned for Sedition which is to speak or incite violence against civil order. If they seized his money assets and slapped sanctions on him going forward, the Dem Party would cease to exist.

Remember when Hillary Clinton said to resist and persist. Sen. Tim Kaine said to fight in the streets. Former Attorney General Lynch said to march, bleed and die in the streets. How about when individuals like Kathy Griffin, Madonna, and Snoop Dog condone death to President Trump, and they think real Americans will follow them.

If you ask me, Democrats aren’t looking for new leadership. Barack Obama didn’t have a message either if you remember. The “Hope and Change” was a motto, not a message. They are looking to be a drag on the Trump administration, and it all started with Hillary not presenting her case to be president during the last election.

Do you think the end is near for the Democratic Party? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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