Rasmussen Reports conducted the poll of about 1500 voters and found the last time Trump hit that number was nearly a month ago.

He once peaked at 59 percent before falling as low as 42 percent.

At this time during Barack Obama’s first term, 35 percent strongly approved with a 55 percent total approval.

I believe the MOAB bomb used in Afghanistan could contribute to a rise because of the perfect execution. The death count of ISIS increased to at least 100 with no civilian deaths.

It was one of the campaign promises he made to “bomb the s**t out of ISIS.”

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His opponents will claim it is one poll. Regardless the bounce back to 50 percent in this one is impressive.

Trump is not very fond of data that he views as unfair and not afraid to share it on Twitter.

In February, he blasted polls conducted by mainstream media outlets as fake news.

I think he is right on border security. Most Americans want to feel safe and protected.

While The Daily Caller admitted other polls were not as high, I’m sure the president will still take this result with satisfaction.

What do you think about Trump’s performance so far? Comment below and let us know.

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