Fox was upset about the MOAB bomb dropped in Afghanistan.

He began the day calling for “madman” Trump to be “stopped immediately.”

Next, he says love stops the hate. So what part of that “love” is going to destroy ISIS?

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Fox thought Trump dropped the bomb to get good press.

Talk about a pathetic conspiracy theory.

Then Mr. Fox claimed to be an expert, studying the MOAB bomb for years. So now we’re supposed to take his word on everything or something.

After acting like an expert, he became the preacher.

Fox sure loves all this pacifist talk. He does not realize pacifism will not stop ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists.

I’ll tell him what I want. Let’s destroy ISIS, but that will not happen with hugs and kisses.

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Fortunately, many conservatives fired back.

The ignorance of his is incredible. He has no clue that Barack Obama created the empty vacuum in Iraq which allowed ISIS to take over.

I never heard of Josh Fox and not planning to see any of his films. Plus, it is a relief knowing he does not run our current foreign policy.

And it is sad when millions of people still agree with his distorted view.

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