On Tuesday, Schumer took to the floor of the Senate to speak on the record, that the nomination process should stop for Gorsuch because Trump is under investigation by the FBI. When Hillary was under investigation by the FBI, Schumer was a quiet as a church roach. Now he wants to shut down proceedings? Give me a break!

Schumer is a classic example of why things don’t get accomplished. Pure politics. This nominee was unanimously bi-partisan accepted with his last nomination. What’s wrong with him? Very simple. He follows and respects the constitution. Schumer and the other liberal clowns want someone that will follow their agenda.

There may have been tampering with our election from Russia, but it was FOR Hillary Clinton. She made the deal for Uranium, and Barack Obama told Vladimir Putin to wait till after his election so he would have more flexibility. Dumb Democrats make stupid deals with Russia and get caught. And that is why they still so mad because she still lost after all their crooked deals they made.

Schumer wants to stall because he doesn’t believe in the constitution. Yes, he’s a Democrat. Republicans in Congress need to remember this. Hopefully, they’ll never have to confirm another liberal judge with a distorted view or the law.

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Everyone with real intelligence says no connection between Russia and Trump campaign. The whole story is a made up on to cover up own traitor spies within own intel community who were Obama holdovers. Proceed to tell him to sit down and let the country, Congress, Senate get to work.

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