Obama enjoyed a media that would not hold him accountable for is many scandals that occurred during his two presidential terms. They rarely asked him the hard questions when they had a chance turning that opportunity into a softball game. Even many of the seasoned reporters barely scratch the surface on accountability for his missteps that included racial divide, lack of support for law-enforcement, not addressing the uptick in crime, and not once do I remember a question posed to Obama about the millions of Americans that I had to drop out of the workforce because of his implementation of Obamacare.

Many of the reporters and the networks did not want to be seen as troublemakers or fire starters. If they could get an audience with the first mixed race president, then they were happy. Some of you might ask why did I say mixed race, President? The Democratic party along with the mainstream media rarely, if ever, talked about Obama’s white mom, therefore relegating her to the back of the room with no notoriety, no shining spotlight.

Don’t you find that strange? The narrative was to promote the first black president but in hindsight, get rid of the fact that he had a white mother and white grandparents. Yes, people will say what we already knew he had a white mother, but those same people will never bring it up.

The press conferences and the interviews of Obama equally distasteful. As I stated before, the lack of accountability for Obama’s actions that set America on of course of disrespecting law enforcement and authority by today’s youth. Is going to be hard to rein all of that in after eight years of willy-nilly policy.

Watch these questions and wonder, what would it be like if Trump received the same treatment?

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Let me also add how Democrats have been trying to take down the white man for years now. They’ve already done a great job (sarcasm) with breaking up the black family and incarcerating the black man for decades. Now liberal white and black women want to rule the party but removing the remaining white males so they can have complete control.

Sure that’s my opinion, but it’s easy to see after watching for so long. There’s no other conclusion. Democrats/MSMS want the white male gone in their political party system or at least make sure he doesn’t have a strong enough voice to fight back against their lesbianism….sorry liberalism.

President Donald Trump said that he wanted law and order presidency. It’s going to take time and a lot of prayers, and it can be done, but let’s not kid ourselves, there will be casualties, so be prepared.

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