The debate for the mayor did not go so well.

Carlson began by asking how many illegal immigrants have committed a crime in his city.

Below was the first response of the mayor.

“Well I talked to our police chief and I ask him how much of our crime that occurs in this city is committed by undocumented individuals, and the answer I get back is virtually none.”

He went on for another minute before Carlson asked him the question again.

“One thing is that our police chief who I think a mayor should respect the judgement of a police chief on matters of public safety, our police chief says that if we ask our police to start serving as the tip of the spear for federal enforcement agencies not when we’re talking about individuals who pose a threat, but in general to help them round up undocumented individuals generally, their concern is that’s going to hamper their ability to build relationships that allow them to get information intelligence and keep the city safe.”

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Mayor Bronin did not give a number. Carlson asked a third time.

He continued without answering the question.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to have to interrupt your filibuster here, Mr. Mayor you don’t know the number,” Carlson interrupted. He says the mayor is unaware of the problem.

Below is an exchange near the end of the interview.

Carlson: “Mr. Mayor, I’ll stick with numbers because I take my job seriously.”

Bronin: “So do you have the numbers?”

Carlson: “You won’t give them up! That’s why I don’t have them.”

Pretty epic. You can view the whole video below.

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