200 Muslims Walk Out On Employer, He Responds With These “Three Words”

Over 200 Muslims walked out of a meat-packing plant in Colorado demanding to breaks to pray and now they have all day to pray!

But here’s the twist! They were all fired! The Colorado company Cargill Inc., refused their demands and told them “You’re all fired.” The company actually told them to return to their jobs after the walk out and they refused so the owner lets them go.

Good for him! The Muslims were given the opportunity to pray during their required breaks just like anyone else but they wanted more. Let me also add the company even added a room where they could “throw down rug,” but they wanted to take advantage of the situation. Now they are jobless.

Source: 1Million.co

The company previously granted Muslims time to pray during their shifts, but they found their production capacity was severely hindered. The plant is an assembly line and cannot accommodate the shutdown for prayer.

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The employees of the meat-packaging plant are unionized, but the Muslim employees did not stage their protest through the union; instead, they called in the Council of Islamic Relations to negotiate on their behalf.

The employees did not warn their employer of the impending strike and walked off the line without notice, causing severe financial damage. The company had no choice but to fire them.

Many of the fired Muslim employees are now begging for their jobs back, while the Islamic council continues to negotiate with the company of their behalf. The company refuses to capitulate and will simply hire less demanding employees who are more willing to work.

The liberal media has coddled our Muslim immigrants into believing that they deserve special treatment. Their unrealistic demands were rightfully shut down by the company. The meat packager was already going above and beyond to accommodate their Muslim employees and finally decided enough was enough.

I don’t see anything wrong with this because these Muslims knew about this job before they signed up and I am actually surprised there were 200 of them all in one spot. What type of meat packing plant is this again?

Believe it or not, this is what is going on in America. Muslims are taking over cities and neighborhoods just like this and weak Americans so-called leaders are allowing them to. I am happy this business owner said no.

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