1st Transgender Student In Huntington Beach School history Named Homecoming Queen; Didn’t feel accepted

So acceptance now requires winning the top prize: He didn’t feel accepted until she won the crown (although he/she had to already be accepted to get the votes). Oprah finally felt accepted when a black man became the president (even though she was the highest rated talk show host long before that time). I feel sorry for the other nominees; they never had a PC chance.

Does anyone but me see where this is going? First we got rid of the value of fathers in the home, Even TV now shows men/fathers as buffoons! Men are now shaving their bodies (I thought a hairy masculine man was sexy), and getting their eyebrows shaped and unisex. We now have gay marriages and adoptions. The line between sexual identification is being diluted. Is society trying to turn us all into blended sexes, and only elites allowed to breed? Something is amiss!


This is our future folks, please note how our young are slowing following into the NWO agenda! Random breeding creates run away populations…must be controlled! Remember, they say there are too many of us!

Cassidy giving himself hormone shots; which is an everyday occurrence

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Wayne Dupree

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