16-Year-Old Teen Reports Man Sliding Cell Phone Under Store’s Dressing Room Door

Samantha Argo, 16, was in a dressing room trying on new clothes when she looked down at the floor and saw a cell phone being pushed into her space.

She damn near lost it.

Samantha took out her phone and took a snapshot of the phone on the floor. She said she could see the reflection of the man’s face on the phone. She described the pervert as a Latino, with a goatee. She didn’t know how long the phone was on the floor as she tried on new clothes but you can best believe she felt violated.

The police have not caught the man, but I am 100 percent sure it wasn’t his first time attempting to do this to a female. Just think, it could have been someone younger, who knows?

Source: WBAL TV

“I don’t know if I’m going to sleep tonight if I’m honest with you, because who knows what that man is going to do,” Argo said.

The 16-year-old is afraid a video of her naked may be posted online.

“I step back and see him push it kind of farther. He cleaned the camera a little bit,” Argo said.

She snapped a picture when she noticed the man was pushing it further.

“You can actually see him looking at the reflection in his phone,” Argo said. “Who knows how long that phone had been set up there. I noticed it toward the end of me trying things on.”

She described the man as Hispanic with a chinstrap beard, wearing baggy red pants and red and white Jordan sneakers. She hopes someone knows the man and will report him to police.

Argo said she called police but that Plato’s Closet workers didn’t stop or question the man as he walked out of the store.

“The Plato’s worker did actually see the phone, saw what was happening and just moved my dressing room and didn’t contact the police,” Argo said. “I’m a child. It’s repulsive people out here are doing this kind of thing.”

Plato’s Closet management has not commented on the incident.

As parents, we can’t be everywhere our teens are, but we can tell them to practice safety and to know the area they will be at so they can easily get to a phone for emergencies or contact someone if things run afoul.

Whoever the man is, hopefully, he is caught, and this young girl finds some peace of mind. Right now she’s terrified and rightfully so.

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