150 Pedophiles Exposed After Former And Current Boy Scouts Make Claims

This story is truly shocking and saddening.

I had the luck to end up in a Boy Scout Troop with exceptional leaders who were there for the right reasons. With the changes made to the Scouting Program today, I was not astonished to read that they were preparing a bankruptcy filing. With corporate leadership which is top heavy and pays hefty salaries to suits in high towers far removed from the grassroots, it is not hard to understand why the program is failing.

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More than 200 individuals have come forward with new allegations of sexual abuse by members of the Boy Scouts of America in recent weeks as a trio of law firms seek to uncover unidentified child abusers.

A few of the victims are young, still underage or in their 20s, but many have held their secrets close for decades.

“Nobody would have listened to me,” said James Kretschmer, 56, who says a leader groped him at a Boy Scouts camp when he was in middle school. “The problem is, then you think, ‘Is it something I did? What was I doing, was it my fault? If I hadn’t done whatever, he wouldn’t have done that.’ It took me years and years to realize it wasn’t that little child’s fault. It was the adult who had control.”

Those records revealed that the 100-year-old organization had long kept track of suspected and known abusers – banning more than 1,000 leaders and volunteers between 1965 to 1985. But the records also showed the Scouts had rarely, if ever, reported those individuals to police. [USA Today]

The Democrats ruin everything they get near. I love scouting when I was a Boy Scout. It wasn’t Boy/Girl/Transgender Scouts with gay scoutmasters. Crooked lawyers were not looking to sue drumming up business. So sad to see it ruined by liberal thinkers like everything else they touch.

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This is why I have such a massive problem with them opening up membership to girls. They refuse to deal with the enormous difficulties they have but instead want to brush it under the rug like it doesn’t exist. Instead of your adding to the potential for more victims and trying to beef up your membership maybe deal with the huge issue you have and clean house then rebuild.

Sexual abuse among those in entrusted position MUST be exposed, stopped and the victims empowered. We have gone through decades now, where the powerful organizations used that power to take advantage of children or adults.

The Scouts, the church, politicians or anyone with a position of power that has allowed this to happen or continue must be exposed and stopped.




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