11-Year-Old Charged With Two Counts Of Attempted 1st Degree Murder!

Is it just me, or is it fairly odd to give an 11-year-old murder suspect the job of a public defender?

Diana Slaughter, grandmother to the 14-year-old shot in this story and currently brain dead in the hospital, says she believes the 11-year-old was disturbed. She made that determination after he had stayed with her a few times and had stolen some of her grandson’s toys and video games.

It boggles the mind, an 11-year-old who hasn’t even begun puberty has been given the title “murderer.” It makes you wonder what kids are capable of these days. Most likely he will be convicted and sentenced to a juvenile facility for seven years until he is 18 and once released back to society he will have become more bitter and angry to the point of committing another violent crime.

An 11-year-old charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder made his first court appearance Friday.

He was appointed a public defender but at the request of attorneys, the media was not allowed inside for proceedings.

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Just a few blocks away, one of the alleged victims, a 14-year-old, was on life support — and his family is anticipating he would not make it.

Diana Slaughter, grandmother to David Fulton Vongphachanh, said David was on life support Friday, after initially saying he had died.

“He’s gone as far as I’m concerned,” Slaughter said. “There is no hope. They said none. He’s brain dead and he’s only 14 years old.” [excerpt via TrueCrimeDaily]

The real murderer is the adult that inadvertently or purposefully gave that kid a gun or made it possible for the gun to be picked up without their supervision. Kids are impulsive and lack good judgment because their brains are not fully developed. This kid might have big mental issues, but he is still just a kid whom adults failed.

We need laws requiring minimum federal prison sentences for anyone who allows their child to get a hold of their guns and does anything like this. If the firearm is not locked up, then you as the owner should be held responsible if a kid gets their hands on your weapons.

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