Damn! More Than 100 Died Waiting For Care At LA Veteran Affairs Hospital!

As a veteran, I am terribly pissed off at this news because watching this happen to those who served this country is appalling and unforgivable.

The Veteran Administration should be ashamed of these occurrences across the nation. Barack Obama didn’t give a damn when he was in office. He never really put an actual plan in place to fix this and here is the result.

Over 100 veterans have died waiting for care at a Los Angeles Veteran Affairs hospital. This country should be more outraged.

Source: Free Beacon

More than 100 veterans died while waiting for care at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Los Angeles, Calif., over a nine-month span ending in August 2015, according to a new government report.

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The VA Office of Inspector General found in a recent healthcare inspection that 225 veterans at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System facility died with open or pending consults between Oct. 1, 2015 and Aug. 9, 2015. Nearly half—117—of those patients died while experiencing delays in receiving care.

The inspector general reported that 43 percent of the 371 consults scheduled for patients who ended up dying were not timely because of a failure by VA employees to follow proper procedure. The report was unable to substantiate claims that patients died as a result of the delayed consults.

America is looking for the Trump administration to fix this problem before it’s too late. What’s your solution for making things right?

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